Plan of Strategy for talents

1、Talents Acquiring Plan
Along with the expansion of the company, the senior management troop must be further strengthen, except raising through the internal leadership and staff with strong overall quality,wealso hire people from society who have the specialized quality and managerial experience's outstanding talent.The related specialized technical talents are people who we have been paying attention to for a long time, we have plan of incurring to hire the graduating university student every year, we request theuniversity student's specialized relatively suitable and we take seriously to their overall quality and ability,we also take the reference in the university study's academic record and social practice the as basis to consider.

2、Plan for Trianing and developing of Talents
Similarly,revolving the enterprise's strategic target, the company keeps enlarging investment unceasingly to human capital, which satisfies the request of the fast development.In view of the company's characteristic, the perfect formulation,favors for various staffs and enhancing study request for leaders,the  course system is set up,which will build good foundation for enterprise's development.

3、Station Succession Plan
The station succession plan is to enable in the company that various essential stations always have the filler personnels to treat,, we call it Construction of Reserve Talents and Echelon. Xincheng is in quickening pace, consummating each human resources management system diligently, forming each station in the company to have the candidate and everybody has a responsible successor.It causes the company to form “who is able,who do, under commonplace”,which forms normal and benign human resource flow.

4、Talent' Constrction and Management Plan
The reasonable construction for talents of enterprise are decided by three points:
    First, reasonable quantity of the talents; Second, appropriate quality of the talents; Third, supplementary combination of the talents.
For the enterprise's development, the talents are the first resources, but the talents must be reasonable used,in a team, the talents' ability are probably supplementary and stratified, this meets to have the formidable function of joint forces. 
    In the talents management we have completed three platforms of the constructions:
    First is the foundation platform, namely post assignment capital standard system; to various posts' post responsibility,carrying on the establishment to the post assignment condition, simultaneously establishes the qualified post's duty,the post assignment qualifications system is principle the basic basis for managing the human resources and so on employment advertise, training and inspection.
    Second is applying platform,is achievements management,salary management,staff professional profession design;is “the personnel, nurturing the people and keeping the people” and so on human resources management concreting methods and measure . 
    Third is the core platform, namely the construction of enterprise's culture,the construction of enterprise's culture is the key of enhancing the enterprise's competitive power,it is the noticeable content to human resources management.