All of our 25 categories of products have passed the inspection of the National Casting and Forging Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

2022-12-24 16:34:00

This month, the National Casting and Forging Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted 11 sampling inspections on 25 series of shot blasting machine equipment, including crawler type, hook type, rotary table type, trolley type, rotary table type, ring rail type, roller table type, catenary type, mesh belt type, stepping type, stacking type, roller type and special shot blasting machine equipment for strip steel, wire, anchor chain, steel pipe, gas cylinder, non-ferrous metal, etc, The inspection results all meet the requirements of JB/T8355-96 General Technical Conditions for Shot Blasting Equipment and JB10144-1999 Safety Requirements for Shot Blasting Equipment.

The inspection items include: safety protection measures and safety protection devices; Static balance moment of impeller body; Accuracy; Flux difference between blades; Safety requirements for electrical system; Load test; There are 11 major items and 54 minor items, including hardness and difference of wear-resistant parts. The inspection center fully affirmed the quality of our products and issued an inspection report.